Child Abuse.
Hard to understand.  Hard to stop.

Every day in America, four children will DIE at the 
 of those who should love and care for them.

Over 18,000 reports of abuse and neglect are
 filed every year here in Mississippi.  Officials estimate 
that only 50% of the actual incidents of abuse and 
neglect are reported.

Please click on the link below to find out more about
 child abuse issues, information on the lawsuit against 
the state of Mississippi and stories of actual abuse and neglect.  Please be aware that the pictures and 
information posted on this page are not suitable for
 younger children.

Learn More.

​Child Abuse happens in YOUR neighborhood to
 children in YOUR child or grandchild's school.  It affects all of us.

to Hope Haven Children's Services on the Web

     For 18 years, we have provided services to the children across south Mississippi.  Hope Haven's mission and services have changed over the years. We began as an organization that operated an emergency shelter for abused and neglected children. Today, we do much more and tomorrow...we will do what needs to be done to help children.


When you help a child today....
  You write the history of tomorrow.
Please visit the different pages so you get an idea of how much we are doing! Thank you for the support from you and our community!

​     Every child should have the opportunity to grow up in a loving and safe home with caring parents or caregivers. Families who work hard and are suddenly faced with an economic crisis should not have to worry about the state taking their children into custody. Children in custody of the state should be monitored and given the opportunity for their voice to be heard in Youth Court. Teens who have aged out of the States Foster Care system need help starting out on their own and getting an education.

   Thank you to our wonderful group of volunteers, donors and corporate sponsors that have joined hands with us to make Hope Haven one of the most active and effective non profit organizations here in south Mississippi. Together... we'll keep the dream going.

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so we can continue to make a difference.


Hope Haven has been featured in The Sun Herald's special section  as part of their 2014 "Guide to Giving."  The "Guide to Giving" is a special online pamphlet put out by The Sun Herald and IP Casino Resort and Spa showcasing South Mississippi charities 
" they can help others help themselves...".  
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​We are currently seeking volunteers for a few events we are a part of!

On July 25th, 26th, and 27th we will need volunteers for the Bay Harbor Fest to do some work around the event in 3 hour shifts.

On August 2nd we will need some assistance at our annual Children's Health Fair.  The responsibilities will be to help set up and clean up at the event, help hand out supply filled bookbags, and to ensure the happiness of our booth sponsors.

If you feel you can help with either of these events please contact Terry Latham at or by calling the office at 228-466-6395 or finally by sending HopeHaven a message on our Facebook.